Gates CD/DVD – international Release May 13 2014

abreojos_gates_digital_coverGates is getting an international release May 13. 

Exclusive tracks are being featured on Cvltnation and Heathen Harvest.

It has been professionally mastered by the Secrets of Giza Team and is a terrific package. You can get a peek at the cover artwork here: Gates Artwork (2mb PDF).

Gates will start shipping for international release on the 13th May 2014 you can pre-order Gates from the label direct Secrets Of Giza

There are also extra bonus remix tracks from HAARK, Illuminoscillate and Cray that will be an additional digital download after purchase.

Thanks to everyone who has supported me over the years, you have made it possible to keep slogging on behind the dials and patch cables! Special thanks to my wonderful family who deal with me locked away for hours and days in the studio!

Return – new EP

Made earlier this year Return is the next steps on from the Gates release and the first made with the revised set up of Elektron Octatrack and AnalogFour plus the shrunk down eurorack modular. Slow heavy beats and layered drones is what you get for your kind donation or even for free.

Stelae – New/old album

Stelae is an album that was recorded during 2011. It has sat in the release waiting lists of a few labels none of which ever eventuated, so I thought it was cursed. Obviously the only way to break the curse is to give the thing away :-)

Recorded on a large DIY modular built by Luke Bassett that I looked after while he traveled the world, the intention of the album is an intergalactic-dark-ambient-synth field trip.

The album also features DSI mono Evolver keyboard and vocals. The tracks are recorded in a single pass in the studio with minimal mastering before hitting your ears.

Here is a pic of the studio at that time with Luke’s modular on the right:


Initiate – Gates launch event Sat 2nd Nov

initiate_flyer_web_smServing as a celebration for the launch of new albums from Abre Ojos, HAARK and Illuminoscillate. Joining the celebration is Monolith, Worng and Cleaninglady. The event will also feature a set from MC Cancer Makhluk who will also guide us through the afternoon and evening.
Hosted at the amazing Food Court Art Space from the balmy afternoon at 4pm through dusk and into the night when the visuals kick on and drag you further into the void.
Abre Ojos – Gates album launch
Haark – Individuation album launch
Illuminoscillate – Uniform Wall album launch

Facebook Event:

Illuminoscillate: After an extended gestation period, Illuminoscillate birthed a mutated audio/visual entity seated upon the outskirts, yet comfortably within the genres of dark industrial and ambient noise. Weaving a loom of lysergic, illicit undecurrents, bleeding from the plague ridden soils of lifes toxic sanctity of repetitive manifestation.. Beautiful and deeply-textured low-end drones, cavernous sounds like the blissful slumber in the belly of a B-52 Bomber. Illuminoscillate penetrates the consciousness, entertaining access to an elevated state of activated realisation, where structural foregrounds are bound to the degradation of decaying methodic execution, leaving only explicit deranged structures to beautify subliminal sensory fulfillment, and lead alongside oblivion.. Matched by morphing, kaleidoscopic visuals suggestive of ancient mysticism, somehow lost but seemingly still near the surface of modern life.
Uniform Wall CD:

HAARK: genre-defying post-grindcore glitch-metal epistemology, dedicated to exploring issues of belief, constructivism, relativism, and ethics, while cranking out killer riffs and really fucked noises.
Heart EP:

Abre Ojos: The Abre Ojos project creates audio-visual immersive experiences for meditation and exploration of the human spirit. Combining mesmerising visuals and audio, engaging the ears with a fusion of dark ambient/drone and traditional ritual drumming while soothing and challenging the eyes and mind with continual merging of mandalas with primal imagery and contemplative silence. A unification of sight and sound that opens a doorway to thought and self-reflection.
Gates CD/DVD:

WORNG: makes music with fingers, sequencers, synths, samplers and drum machines.
WORNG has released a couple of albums and a 7″, was featured on Sabbatical’s ‘Knife Culture: Buried Melbourne’ compilation, has remixed a bunch of awesome Melbourne peeps, composed and performed an original electronic score for Nosferatu and blown minds with live sets of zombie house. describes WORNG as “an immaculately monged, flangey bit of proto-acid house”
Googling WORNG is an enlightening experience.

Monolith: The solo project of Melbourne based artist and multi-instrumentalist Peter James. The Monolith project began in 2011 and with the first release ‘Spectres’ he set about exploring dense drones. Monolith’s music has shifted to a more rhythmic edge with stripped back mantric beat patterns and dark chords. With the latest offering KIPL110312 Monolith has moved into misty subterranean sound fields – the result ‘cold rhythmic catharsis’. Monolith’s work is primarily based around mesmerising industrial styled drones and sound cut ups overlayed with minimal rhythms to create dark and foreboding soundscapes. Primitive, minimalist, industrial bleakness.

Reviews are coming in + Discs for locals

abreojos_gates_digital_coverA couple of reviews have been written of Gates:

Noise Receptor:

A Closer Listen:

Both are seemingly favorable, it’s great that both reviewers have taken the effort to place some background context on the album and my practice in general.

I also have a few copies of Gates for local people in Australia to purchase. They are $25 including postage to anywhere in Oz. For OS people the best place to buy is still direct at Secrets of Giza.

You can also purchase from iTunes, Amazon and Google Play.


Gates – New LP – Dual CD/DVD Australian release

abreojos_gates_digital_cover I’m pretty proud to announce a new full length release Gates. It’s the first LP for me on a label and because of the awesome label heads  this one is a dual CD and DVD release.
The Abre Ojos project has always been an audio-visual project, exploring the connection between sound and visuals and trying to compose both simultaneously. My fear of going to a label was that they would say “nah, CD release only”, which is only half of what AO is all about.

So to have found a label to who understands that and supports both halves is so fucking awesome I have to use expletives!

It has been professionally mastered by the Secrets of Giza Team and is a terrific package. You can get a peek at the cover artwork here: Gates Artwork (2mb PDF).

Gates will start shipping here in Australia the week of the 19th August 2013, it is limited to 100 copies, for the US based of you shipping is a measly $4 and the album is $20 for the dual disc package, international shipping is a bit more.

For international release on the 13th May 2014 you can pre-order Gates from the label direct Secrets Of Giza


Thanks to everyone who has supported me over the years, you have made it possible to keep slogging on behind the dials and patch cables! Special thanks to my wonderful family who deal with me locked away for hours and days in the studio!

Analogue Meditations AV track

As memory blurs and fades, fragments remain and are revealed as they swim to the surface.
A chance stumbling across a bunch of old DV tapes that had been recorded off the TV screen with a video camera in the late 90′s that had been put through a processing cycle of analogue TV > digital video camera > analogue TV > digital video camera at least 5 times, each time boosting the saturation and contrast on the TV to capture fragments of news reports, politicians shaking hands, empty advertising – re-composed, re-purposed into saturated clips reflected against each other. Fast forward a decade and half and these clips were re-imported and then loaded into Resolume and effected with a blur that reduced in reaction to the audio stream. Final video recorded live using Syphon Recorder.
Audio is a live studio recording from an Elektron Analog Four, 6RU eurorack and Tibetan meditation bowls.


As All Things Fall – New digital EP

all things fall_CD_cover_webAs All Things Fall is a brand new digital only EP made completely with a new studio set up of an Elektron Analog4 and a much reduced eurorack modular. Regular readers will know of my history with the eurorack modular and recently it has been something that was getting out of control- the rig was too big, too big to gig with, too big for the rapidly reducing space I have to work in. So I embarked on a massive selloff to reduce down to a 6ru suitcase and the amazing power of the new Elektron A4 which has the added bonus of being able to integrate with the modular via four control voltage outputs.

With a new setup comes a new sound, still drones but more aggressive, denser, noiser utilising more of the audio frequency spectrum. Head on over to the Bandcamp page for a full preview

Soundcloud goodies

I have been trawling thru the archives and pulling out a bunch of live recordings and tracks that have been featured on compilations. Head on over to Soundcloud to connect or just play away below :-)

DE-Light 20th July

de-light_web_flyerA night of welcome returns – a welcome to Steve Law being back behind the banks of analogue modular equipment and a welcome return to Longplay on St Georges Road – refurbished, refined, rewired.

De-Light brings together the cream of resident Melbournian ambient experimentalists for a night of audio-visual experiences.

Steve Law - Steve Law has been producing electronic music in Australia since the early 1980′s. During that time he has gained a reputation as one of Australia’s foremost electronic artists, creating and performing music in almost every sub-genre that has been spawned over the past couple of decades.

As Yet Unnamed Galaxy - Blurry traversals thru hyper-subterranea with Tina Douglas (Wiimote/Laptop/Visuals), Phillip Holquinn (Guitar/Synths/Effects) and Nik Kennedy (Vocals/Synths/Effects)

Sam Filmer – Sam produces some hauntingly beautiful tunes, his inspiration drawn from the world he lives in, where he comes from and the hopes he holds for the future. Over the past year since he began creating music it has really developed and grown. His exploration into different genres and bands, and his emersion into the live local Melbourne music scene has really changed his style; like the ebb and flow of the ocean. Sam idolises artists like Godspeed You!Black; but also gains great inspiration from the likes of Do Make Say Think, Star of Lid, Because of Ghosts, Broken Social Scene just to name a few. He is an avid explorer in the music world, never afraid to try out new things even if they are out of the social norm. Sam Filmer is truly something to get behind, his dream sound will send you of floating and thinking. It is a pure escape.

Abre Ojos – Cyclic, macro, micro – a new year with new sounds

Illuminoscillate – Lysergic ambient soundscapes/field recordings

Saturday 20th July at 8pm.
Entry by donation.
Longplay 318 St Georges Road North Fitzroy

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