Deity – On the eve of all Hallow’s Eve and under a full moon four diverse acts play a night dedicated to any and all deities. Each musician conjures their own spirits, to their own rhythms with their own machines. Join the cacophony of devotion. 

Tickets $10/$5conc

River Of Heaven: the River of Heaven is culmination of Dase Beard’s obsession with aluminium instruments, simple song structures, a frail voice and an abundance of reverb.

Miles Cosmo: has been producing music and creating art pieces in Melbourne for five years. To date the most notable project he has been responsible for was the critically praised Metropolis: Audio Redux; a completely new and modern musical score for the 1927 Fritz Lang classic silent film, Metropolis. Metropolis: Audio Redux was shown at the 2011 Melbourne Fringe Festival and then later the 2012 Perth Fringe World Festival. After taking Metropolis: Audio Redux on the road to his home town of Perth, MilesCosmo was ready for a new project; something more challenging and sonically diversified, but above all something more personal. Drawing on his experiences with his family and his father’s severe dementia, MilesCosmo wrote and produced an incredibly personal and intimate album called Fatherless Son. With these two releases under his belt MilesCosmo was looking for a new direction. After setting up a new studio and acquiring a selection of analog synthesisers the new direction was clear: organically synthetic alien life forms herding across a flesh landscape of flittering skin waves and pulsating flesh… in audio form. This was Beteo Pod. A different direction in style and sound, Beteo Pod was a creative milestone. Miles Cosmo has since released a conceptual piece called Residual Clicks and more recently an EP called Assembly. He continues to work on his next full album since Beteo Pod.

Suicide By Cop: Hailing from the heart of Melbourne’s industrial west, Suicide by Cop is an audio/visual project with extreme sensibilities, approached with an emphasis on pushing hardware beyond its intended function to create a relentless wall of droning noise and chaotic freeform video.

Abre Ojos invokes the elements of this world and the next through deep frequencies of sound and light. Brutal meditation to match this brutal world. The gates have fractured and the bounty is yours.