Excited to be headlining upstairs at this brand new festival in a couple of weeks at the Tote in Melbourne. Featuring DREADNAUGHTMotherslugBattle AXE HowlersWATCHTOWER,BorracheroChaingunSystem Of VenusElbrusAbre OjosSwan MessiahCitrus JamThe River of Heaven & Colostomy Baguette?

*Sunday November 23rd at The Tote.

*Doors open 2pm

*Half price entry before 4pm

*Free BBQ at 5pm – more than just the regular Tote snags – a veritable feast!

Green Lane Festival is a day of rocking stoner vibes, heavy riffing doom mixed with ambient, electro doom and noise. If it’s heavy and twisted you’ll find it at Green Lane.

Dreadnaught – Since 1992 Dreadnaught have been a cornerstone of Australian heavy rock and metal. A band that the band have become an historic part of of Australian rock and metal, Dreadnaught continually re-invents and refines a sound that is unique to heavy music genres.

Green Lane is a showcase for the explosion of incredibly talented bands and artists working in this genre. In order to do all of the great bands out there justice we intend to take Green Lane the great outdoors in 2015.