Three artists come together in Sydney for an evening of noise, dark ambience, drone and experimentation.
Abre Ojos (Vic) / Host (NSW) / Transcendental Warlords (QLD)

A showcase of all artists can be found at:

Abre Ojos
“Abre Ojos” was an old saying by Spanish and Portuguese sailors while navigating the dangerous reef infested waters surrounding Australia’s coastline meaning “watch out” or “open your eyes, there is danger all around.” Combining vintage analog electronics with twenty-first century digital technology, Abre Ojos creates immersive audio-visual works. Deep and dark with glimpses of light, the experience shifts from provocative to meditative.


Based in the NSW Blue Mountains, ambient / noise / experimental act Host originates as a tool to explore the modern mysteries without the superstition of the Old Aeon.
Captured sounds, broken images and modern allegory all come together for an intense, unsettling, all embracing journey.


Transcendental Warlords
Transcendental Warlords is an impermeably dark paradox; completely amorphous, yet sonically monolithic.

Auditorily beheld as vital, guttural resonance, suspended atop tempestuous emissions of earth-marring drone and inspired by hideous visions of a grinning, omniscient antipode to all sanity: this pre-eminent, Brisbane-based duo aim to exert otherness amidst boundless din.

Commence transcendental war!