At the Winter Solstice, as the days got shorter the Inca would tie the sun to a stone to prevent the sun from escaping, here patch cables and guitar leads take the place of ropes as the dark sounds of electronic audio priests help prepare you for the long winter ahead.

Holding space at the new Discobeans in Plenty Road Preston are:

Monolith: The solo project of Melbourne based artist and multi-instrumentalist Peter James. The Monolith project began in 2011 and with the first release ‘Spectres’ he set about exploring dense drones. Monolith’s music has shifted to a more rhythmic edge with stripped back mantric beat patterns and dark chords. With the latest offering KIPL110312 Monolith has moved into misty subterranean sound fields – the result ‘cold rhythmic catharsis’. Monolith’s work is primarily based around mesmerising industrial styled drones and sound cut ups overlayed with minimal rhythms to create dark and foreboding soundscapes. Primitive, minimalist, industrial bleakness. Sam Filmer (Em Vécue Aquieu/Sleep Ensemble) will be joining Monolith on modular synthesizer for this occasion.

Oscill_Ether (Bris): Oscill_Ether is a multi disciplinary musician who’s works are primarily focused on freeform textural sonic exploration. Utilizing electric guitar, effect pedals, analogue modular synthesis and reel to reel recording, drawing inspiration from melody, emotion and memory, each musical piece is allowed the freedom to evolve at it’s own pace to create ‘sonic thoughts of spaces’.

Nokes&Cook: Fresh from their Moduluxx set in Sydney Town Jonathon Nokes (Hamburger Lady) and Marcus Cook (Default Jamerson) present a formal non-hostile merger of two separate modular systems into a binding legal entity with flexible time share arrangements. Information pathways are made by their owners, but the machines themselves dictate the terms and outcomes. Nokes & Cook move from ‘owners’ to ‘care takers’, with a background role in ‘crisis management’. Sound advice, judicious vision.

Abre Ojos: Out of a six month live hiatus back with new sounds and vision from a soon to be released new release.
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Refund: is a Composer, Synthesist, Guitarist, Circuit bender, and Tracker Jockey, and will be playing compositions for modular synthesiser.

Taking inspiration from sources such as melt banana’s guitarist ‘Agata’, glitch artists like ‘Autechre’ and ‘Oval’, and progressive fusion jazz in the veins of ‘Magma’, Refund attempts to blend the qualities of these influences into a mess that rarely sounds like any of the above.

$5 entry, good food, good music, good times!

Running sheet:
7.10pm – 7.30pm Refund
7.40pm – 8.00pm Nokes&Cook
8.10pm – 8.30pm Abre Ojos

Intermission – first set pack up, second set set up.

8.50pm – 9.10pm Oscill_Ether
9.30pm – 9.50pm Monolith & Sam Filmer