Abre Ojos is a mechanical beast, portrayed through the Occult sense of Creation through divine Will. It is the inanimate object brought to life, by the use of machinery and human expression reflecting a futuristic yet modern world that was first imagined, then created. Technology is a magical act, and when we see the Occult and myth through this lens, much of it can begin to make sense. Our imagination through the years led to what only a hundred years ago would have been seen as magical, and now is the every day world in which we live. If you don’t believe that we are not able to read peoples thoughts, just go on any website such as Twitter or Facebook where random thoughts are said with little to no discretion.

As a rhythmic pounding sound begins, Falling Suns, Dying Stars leaves the world black. It is certain, a journey has begun, and what is about to happen will never be forgotten nor remembered. The music mainly consists of a droning electronic noise, which increases in volume and depth then dissipates. Vocals shatter the chaotic sounds, portraying the beast within the machine. This vicious monster manipulates the sounds until they reach a level of tension that is about to snap. It’s mechanical in an organic way, somewhere between life and death, past and future. Archaic as any esoteric truth, yet existing in realms not yet reached by humans. Gates is the entryway into another dimension, harsh noises over a constant hum. These multilayered pieces are quite chaotic, while at the same time never relying on simply creating dissonance. A digital world circulates, fragments of The Knowing of Truth, coming together to form a sound that is chaotic and controlled at the same time. It is in this paradox that Abre Ojos thrives.

When it is all said and done, the difference between what is organic and digital will dissipate into an archaic memory of other humans, humans which for all intents purposes were essentially a completely different creature. The recognition that we live in a modern age leaves us laying naked on some distant hillside, cold and shivering yet sweating at the same time. The Light on Our Foreheads from the rising sun reveals where the path leads. The Gates Are Open, so Take Your Place amongst the new Gods of wires and circuits.

Much of this retains a consistent sound throughout, one electronic noise behind another behind another, one screaming, another a terrifying whisper that increases in layered waves to impart a completely dissonant feeling. We must keep in mind though, that the deeper levels of consciousness and understanding are only reached through travelling across the proverbial abyss. Abre Ojos has found the password which Choronozon demands.

It is certainly not what I would call harsh noise, although at times this is an accurate description. Nor is it ambient, although this too would be a fitting term. Perhaps both ideas combined; creating a strange cyber alternative reality through ear-shattering and grating noises, an ambiance of brutality if you will, best combining the ideas of this disparate creativity. Listening to this is certainly a painful experience, sending various Fractured Signals that bring the listener to a new kind of utopian world created only in the digital age.

This self–described idea of Abre Ojos is a “sound and vision for a dystopian meditation”, which is certainly an accurate description. It is difficult to not imagine a Sci-Fi scenario, a world where all the branches and leaves of grass are mechanical. Yet, in this nightmare, a certain peace exists. Us forest creatures may rather feel the Dirt Between Our Toes, and find it difficult to understand this cyber realm and its worship of the circuits. I certainly rebel to any such concepts, but I can recognize how someone could find truths in the caverns of this modern world. Abre Ojos has opened up a various gates to understand how through technology we have come to a new form of human, one that if used correctly will empower us, if used ignorantly will destroy us. It is up to us which gate to walk through, choose wisely.

The album comes with a DVD, featuring the music and digital geometric shapes and various computer generated figures. Overall, it looks like one of those screen savers many teenagers would stare at while stoned, a repetitive and orderly maneuvering of lines which seemed to make the witness travel through space. This idea certainly reminds me of Abre Ojos in a sense, for in general it has the feeling of astral travel, of visiting different realms and meeting other life forms, accept all these life forms are of our own creation. A “dystopian meditation” certainly fits, this is not peaceful by any means and perhaps that is the last thing we need, for the days of tranquility never were, and never will be. What we do have is our modern world, and Abre Ojos has opened up the Gates so we can all firmly experience what it is like to teleport to the new realm of being. These, as reading the site will assure you, are technological geeks, but they are geeks that also understand the Metaphysical, and that is a very dangerous combination.

Track List:

01 Falling Suns, Dying Stars
02 Dirt Between Our Toes
03 Light On Our Foreheads
04 Golden Rod from Tip to Tail
05 The Knowing of Truth
06 Revealed in Strange Glows
07 Fractured Signals
08 From Home, from Centre, from Self
09 The Priests Dethroned
10 The Gates Are Open
11 Take Your Place

Rating: 3.5
Written by: Patrick Bertlein
Label: Secrets of Giza (US) / SOG003 / CD
Ambient / Experimental / Noise