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Abre Ojos is a term found while reading a book called 1606 – An Epic Adventure by Evan McHugh. 1606 is about the multiple discoveries and voyages to Australia before the “official discovery” by Captain James Cook in 1788. “Abre Ojos” was a constant saying by the Spanish and Portuguese sailors while navigating the dangerous reef infested waters surrounding Australia’s coastline meaning “Watch Out” or “Open Your Eyes” there is danger all around.

There are so many strange things happening in this world of ours, dangerous things, distorted things, lies, false truths, conspiracies (do a search for chemtrails), sleight of hand, facades, there are things just under the surface ready to take us down.

Abre Ojos explores synesthetic modalities with this audio-visual project.
Combining vintage analogue electronics with 21st century digital technology the Abre Ojos project is designed to provide experiences using sacred geometric animations and audio frequencies.
Labelling the work as “improvised sound and vision for dystopian meditation”, Abre Ojos is seeking to find a balance between the imminent evolution of humanity and the distorted reality we inhabit today. When you watch an Abre Ojos live set or recording you are watching the sound and vision as it happens- all improvised, all live, allowing serendipitous clashes of the sound and reactive visuals. Walls of tones with their root in the sacred frequencies mix with monk like chanting and hypnotic mandala based images creating something more than their parts, something more than you hear or see.
The project has released multiple DVD’s and has been performed live around Australia including performances at Eclipse Festival 2012, Rainbow Serpent, Federation Square and the Tote Hotel.

Falling suns, dying stars
Dirt between our toes
Light on our foreheads
The Golden Rod from tip to tail
The Knowing of Truth
Revealed in strange glows of
Fractured Signals
from home
from centre
from Self
The priests dethroned
The Gates are open
Take Your Place