A night of welcome returns – a welcome to Steve Law being back behind the banks of analogue modular equipment and a welcome return to Longplay on St Georges Road – refurbished, refined, rewired.

De-Light brings together the cream of resident Melbournian ambient experimentalists for a night of audio-visual experiences.

Steve Law – Steve Law has been producing electronic music in Australia since the early 1980’s. During that time he has gained a reputation as one of Australia’s foremost electronic artists, creating and performing music in almost every sub-genre that has been spawned over the past couple of decades.
After exploring many areas of electronic experimentation with the groups Guild of Fire, Foil and various solo projects, Steve formed the techno project Zen Paradox in 1992. The debut album “Eternal Brainwave” was immediately signed to Ollie Olsen’s new Psy-Harmonics label, and licensed to KK/Nova Zembla in Europe and Restless in the U.S. to critical acclaim, and was a huge success. Steve went on to release further material under the Zen Paradox banner during the nineties, backed up with extensive and successful overseas tours. He was named best live electronic act at the 2000 Australian Live Music Awards.
In the meantime, Steve Law continued to explore other areas of cutting edge music, and was awarded the inaugral ABC classic FM computer music award in 1996 for his electro-acoustic composition “Urbania”. He has composed music for film, dance and various multi-media works, and has contributed to the Fringe, Next Wave, Experimenta, Electrofringe, Liquid Architecture, Articulating Space, Make it Up Club and Melbourne International Animation festivals.
Steve has collaborated with many other local and international artists, both live and in the studio, and has continued to release music on various labels around the world. He is an inspired live performer, regularly doing impromptu live improvisations with many of Melbourne’s underground musicians. He is also a member of the Melbourne band Black Cab.

As Yet Unnamed Galaxy – Blurry traversals thru hyper-subterranea with Tina Douglas (Wiimote/Laptop/Visuals), Phillip Holquinn (Guitar/Synths/Effects) and Nik Kennedy (Vocals/Synths/Effects)

Sam Filmer (Em Vécue Aquieu, The Sleep Ensemble) is a composer and live performer of ambient and neo classical drone music. With the pursuit to enable a mediative state of mind, aiding the listener in freeing their consciousness from the narrative of day to day society

Abre Ojos – Cyclic, macro, micro – a new year with new soundshttps://abreojos.net/

Illuminoscillate РLysergic ambient soundscapes/field recordings http://illuminoscillate.bandcamp.com/

Saturday 20th July at 8pm.
Entry by donation.
Longplay 318 St Georges Road North Fitzroy