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Circadian Element

After a lot of hard work by the amazing Left(field) Recordings label head- Gabriel Carazo, Circadian Element is being released into the world. Featuring 3 tracks of improvised modular synth and vocals this is a bit noisier than recent outings.

There are two packaging options, both hand silk-screened on heavy-gauge paper, one black and one silver. It’s a limited edition of 35 copies.

I only have a few copies that I’m holding onto for trades (contact (at) if you’re up for a trade) but the rest are available for order at very reasonable prices through L(f) R myspace or email them directly gabcarazo (at)

And to whet your appetite enjoy the first track from the album:

N1.mp3 320k 12.4mb

There are also a few t-shirts, see the pics below, but they are a nice silver ink on black.