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Hillingar – Zac Keiller vs Abre Ojos

hillingar_flyer_testThe shimmering ambient guitar work of the prolific Zac Keiller spans over 10 albums and one of these – Hillingar (nordic for mirage) has been put into the hands of Abre Ojos to remix, reinterpret and add a layer of sounds from a variety of synthesisers including my custom built eurorack modular synthesiser. Three tracks were chosen for treatment and the result is Hillingar – espejismo di yermo- the mirage wasteland.  The tracks are now being reinterpreted as a live improvisation performance at the opening day of electundra with a live visual component that starts as a complete whiteout with small details gradually revealing themselves, reacting to the sound being played by Zac and myself, until a series of desolate abandoned landscapes emerge. The process from a whiteout to recognizable imagery will be matched with the gradual build up of layered drones and fractured melodies, from a place of being lost to finding a recognizable piece of the world.

Here is the release:
Download full album: (72.9mb)
Download Tracks (320 MP3):
Mirage-espejismo.mp3 (23.9mb)
Momentary-un dundas kun mento.mp3 (25.3mb)
Low Lying-prostrata si nonda.mp3 (31.5mb)

Hillingar is performed on Saturday November 14th @ 3pm sharp. Tickets $12.00.

Details on the festival can be found here: