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surunto emotico

Release 5:

harazard de uno

an anniversary, a house guest and a pleasant reminder

harazard de uno from abre ojos on Vimeo

Release 6:

reducta je sineis

the more we didn’t talk about it, the more the animosity grew

reducta je sineis from abre ojos on Vimeo.

reducta je sineis – mp3 192k 21.9mb

Release 7:

destre chi kegro

“as if! fourteen years have passed and you think i still feel that way?!”

destre chi kegro from abre ojos on Vimeo.

destre chi kegro – mp3 192k 26.4mb

Release 8:

satrae sant chugre

“would it be different if i was missing a leg? you would help me up the stairs wouldn’t you?”

satrae sant chugre from abre ojos on Vimeo.

satrae sant chugre – iPod Quicktime 320 X 180 93.1mb

satrae sant chugre – mp3 192k 26.3mb


The second abre ojos DVD compilation made up of tracks 5-8. The packaging on this has been ramped up since the last one and as usual it includes all the tracks as 192 MP3’s.