Ascension Engine @ Rainbow Serpent 2011

Only 30 days away and counting, we’ve been invited back to the Rainbow Serpent Festival for 2011!
Rainbow Serpent welcomes back the Ascension Engine for a second year. Ascension Engine is an audio/visual cornucopia of meditative sound and vision from some of Australia’s finest audiovisualist experimenters.
Audiovisualism goes beyond DJ’s & VJ’s and moves into the synesthetic arena where the artists sculpt the sound and vision to create a unified immersive experience. With a killer sound system and massive screen, sit back on the carpet or stand up and boogie and connect with the universe that these visionary artists will weave for you.
Be prepared for sacred frequencies, audio reactive mandalas for meditation, binaural beats and alchemical transformations through sound and vision.
Ascension Engine is located in the COSM dome and comes alive from 9pm on Friday night and 10pm Sunday night until the wee hours.

Tickets can be bought at the Rainbow Serpent Website

Friday 21st Jan
9.30- 10.15pm Ebola Disco
10.30 – 11.15pm The Seeds
11.30 – 12.15pm Truant
12.30 – 1.15am Siilt
1.30 – 2.15am Tom Hall
2.30 – 3.15am Marco Cher-Gibard
3.30 – 4.15am Look to the Skies

Sunday 23rd Jan
10.30- 11.15pm Grist
11.30 – 12.15am Electronic Shaman
12.30 – 1.15am Zen Paradox
1.30 – 2.15am Abre Ojos
2.30 – 3.45am Zero Point

Ebola Disco
Feraliminal Lycanthropic Disco Grind influenced by SPK and Donna Summer

The Seeds
Deep ecology, cosmology and earth rooted poetry blend with deep electronic sound scapes with a live infusion to take you from the stars into the earth. Ambient imaginative scenes merge with a down tempo psyspace of live guitar, jaw harp and chill groove.
John Seed has been touring OZ and the world for many years, spreading his message of environmental conservation and deep ecology. Similarly Bodhi Seed has been touring OZ and the world in a parallel universe performing at festivals with the global sounds of Mystic Beats and SeeD.  The idea for the Seeds was planted many moons ago and is now sprouting as they come together to collaborate their passions and talents.

Truant is a project of melbourne born luke also known as problemchild. luke has been producing lofi and ambient textures from a software environment for the last half decade.  Over the last two years a new wave of inspiration has come from the chaos and soul of analog circuitry. Luke has been pursuing a project to develop his own analog hardware synthesis tools to explore ambient textures from a tactile user interface allowing him to tap into the stochastic universe of waveform control. luke has had a life saturated in ambience and is using this new tool to explore his own material where time tends to slip away.

Dusty atmospheres, drones and post-dub subsonics.
Siilt layers looped chords, voltage-controlled tones and low-end sonic detritus into minimalist dub-inspired soundscapes.

Tom Hall is a media artist based in Brisbane, Australia. Hall’s eclectic works flourish by utilising a variety of mediums, each that reflect on his varied background and interests. With a strong focus on elements of the ‘everyday’ Hall’s practice involves considered explorations into place, space and time. Drawing inspiration from countless ‘peripheral’ spaces, Hall focuses on using multiple approaches to engage and recontextualise them to the public. He has contributed and implemented live sound and video performances, installations and exhibitions at various venues and art spaces across Australia and Internationally.

Marco Cher-Gibard is a sound and visual artist from Melbourne, Australia. He works with and designs custom software for live performance, installation and composition. Marco is currently working with samplers designed for live performance and regularly plays as an improviser solo and collaboratively.  His solo live video work involves new readings of ‘screen moments’ via video sampler, an act which opens up the original contexts too new possibilities.

Look to the Skies
Two giants collide, digital vs analog, producing visions of a dark future. Delivering a sonic assault on the senses, manipulations of sounds from deep space and the dark recesses of the mind. Having worked together for nearly a decade, Abre Ojos and Electronic shaman combine forces to take the listener on a journey of sound, vision and mind.

GRIST is shamanic improvised black zen non-genre occult minimalism – no instruments, no composition – channelled by post-pagan chaos-audiomancer A Demon Sheen (GNAUMGN / The Horn / HAARK / Dead Ants Rainbow / Merge into Stripes / RAKSHASA / Forgotten Cairns / etc), using 100% Found Sounds – this is the musick from the collective unconscious.  the self is dead – long live the self!

Electronic Shaman
Taking inspiration from the works of Lovecraft, Romero and the mystics, Electronic Shaman takes inspiration from the sciences, both real and unreal. Stygian vistas of distant worlds give way to intimate moments of the psyche. A fascination with conspiracy and fact merge to deliver ambient soundscapes of worlds unknown.

Steve Law/Zen Paradox 
Steve Law has been producing electronic music in Australia since the early 1980’s. During that time he has gained a reputation as one of Australia’s foremost electronic artists, creating and performing music in almost every sub-genre that has been spawned over the past couple of decades.
After exploring many areas of electronic experimentation with the groups Guild of Fire, Foil and various solo projects, Steve formed the techno project Zen Paradox in 1992. The debut album “Eternal Brainwave” was immediately signed to Ollie Olsen’s new Psy-Harmonics label, and licensed to KK/Nova Zembla in Europe and Restless in the U.S. to critical acclaim, and was a huge success. Steve went on to release further material under the Zen Paradox banner during the nineties, backed up with extensive and successful overseas tours. He was named best live electronic act at the 2000 Australian Live Music Awards.
In the meantime, Steve Law continued to explore other areas of cutting edge music, and was awarded the inaugral ABC classic FM computer music award in 1996 for his electro-acoustic composition “Urbania”. He has composed music for film, dance and various multi-media works, and has contributed to the Fringe, Next Wave, Experimenta, Electrofringe, Liquid Architecture, Articulating Space, Make it Up Club  and Melbourne International Animation festivals.
Steve has collaborated with many other local and international artists, both live and in the studio, and has continued to release music on various labels around the world. He is an inspired live performer, regularly doing impromptu live improvisations with many of Melbourne’s underground musicians. He is also a member of the Melbourne band Black Cab.

Abre Ojos
Deep drones, sacred frequencies and sacred geometric animated visuals combine to create a psychedelic visionary meditative experience. Abre Ojos is the improvised audiovisual project of Scott Baker fusing analogue modular synthesis and digital vision into deep listening experiences touching on the work of Alan Lamb, Steve Roach and Robert Rich. The Ascension Engine performance will be the launch of the Abre Ojos Chakra DVD and over an hour will morph through the chakras with tones and imagery to active your energy centres.”Abre Ojos” was a constant saying by the Spanish and Portuguese sailors while navigating the dangerous reef infested waters surrounding Australia’s coastline meaning “Watch Out” or “Open Your Eyes” there is danger all around.

Zero Point aka Darren Curtis
Australian musician & artist that weaves eastern and western influences to reveal the mystical soundscapes of supernature. via Live Laptop, controllers and mapping.
Through years of research his speciality of music works on the unique frequencies of supernature, through research found in many of ancient structures like the great pyramid in Egypt & Mayan pyramids. Through mapping new music patterns and chord structures a whole new electronic synthesis is created that is in harmony with the body.
He travels around Australia doing live music and visuals performing at festivals i.e. Rainbow Serpent 2010/2011, Reconnect 2010.
His wider style draws from the GOA Ambient, Chill, Techno, Electronica & New Age fusing these elements into new style of Electronic Future Chill .
Co-director of Sacred Resonance  – Darren Curtis <BA.Hon.MUS.Tech> & Bradley Pitt are visual and sonic immersion experts with full dome projections, animation, and installations.