A track based on the crystal Apatite. Apatite has an extruded hexagonal geometry.

It has the same chemical elements as found in bones and teeth and can aid in healing both the body’s physical and energetic (chakra) system. The colours and frequencies in this track are designed to specifically target the solar plexus, throat and third eye chakras.

Apatite’s simple purpose with humanity is to give the ability of foresight, to help us learn to think before acting, to act from a place of unconditional love to benefit all.

“My vision is perfect, it manifests my life.”

All improvised, sound and vision recorded in one pass using Quartz Composer and a Eurorack modular synth.

320K MP3 for download here:​mp3/​Foresight.mp3

iPod/iPhone MP4 here:​mp3/​Foresight.m4v