Fracture DVD release Dec 8

Very happy to announce the release of the brand new Abre Ojos audiovisual DVD – Fracture.

The official release date is December 8th 2014.

Here is all the info:

Abre Ojos is no longer simply waiting for change: with Fracture, he demands it.

Faced with increasing pressures from opposing forces, our way of life is splintering under the strain. Things we hold dear crack and fall away. Warring religions play tug of war with our children, endlessly shifting the blame. The bad acid is everywhere. Abre Ojos can ignore it no longer. He twists religious iconography until the halos are handcuffs and the spires are barbed. Fracture delivers us third-eye images of power splintered, hallucinations of entitlement and authority shattered, visions of holy obliteration.

Fracture is not lighthearted eye-candy; it is a pounding, blind-fold-shredding, saw-toothed descent into the petty hells of modern existence. It is a throbbing grinding technicolor migraine of broken transmissions and soul-swallowing oppression. Fracture is not beauty in any conventional sense; it is the beauty of a toppled dictator, or a people who once languished beneath the yoke of a tyrant suddenly realizing they are free.

Secrets of Giza is proud to present to you Fracture, the new DVD by Abre Ojos. The DVD features videos for all 10 songs and original artwork created by Abre Ojos. Full FLAC and 320kbps MP3 audio files are embedded on the DVD and can be accessed on any computer.

Fracture will be released worldwide on December 8, 2014.

Pre-Order one of the first 50 copies here: Secrets of Giza

There are videos of the first two tracks:



And So It Goes


This video is a behind the scenes recording of the start of the And So It Goes track.


The majority of the album was recorded like this – live jams on the AnalogFour and Electribe Es-1 sampler. Euro makes a heavy appearance too in the later tracks with the A4 as the main sequencer via it’s CV outputs. Then these recordings were chopped and arranged with extra effects (Audio Damage plugs inc. EOS, NI Guitar Rig, Camelspace and others).

Big thanks to the label – Secrets of Giza and my wonderful family!

Here are the product pics:

Fracture_cover01 Fracture_full_package02 Fracture_inside_cover_1500 Fracture_inside01