Heirs, Dead & Stellarvore vs Abre Ojos

(( 27 STONE )) Present:

Prepare for an evening of Rites, Ritual and Ruin as 27 Stone presents Heirs, Dead and Stellarvore vs. Abre Ojos Sunday Feb 13th at Yah-Yahs in Collingwood. Celebrate the beginning of Lupercalia, The Anniversary of Black Sabbath being released or even the birth of Jerry Springer on this fine night as we journey through the depths of low-end and back again. Doors at 6pm, first band at 7pm, Free Entry.


Upon returning to Melbourne after 67 shows across Europe and Japan, Heirs commenced work on their second album, Fowl. From wheezing blasts of industrial steam to weeping passages of gothic suspense, Fowl is a fully realised analysis of the repugnant. Its pugilistic rhythmic foundation, reverb soaked guitars, crackling electronics and deadpan dark-wave meditation create an abstract dronescape of industrial dirge and metallic ambience coalesced into an ambitious whole.



Comprised of members of Firewitch and Fangs Of A Teenage Evangelist, DEAD is upon us! The band formed in September and played their first show on Nov 26th at The Prague, Thornbury with Wicked City, Nunchukka Superfly & Teen Archer. They then hit up Adelaide the week after, East coast after that and are currently booking a South East Asian tour for May 2011! Have they done a recording yet? No. Has that hindered them booking shows? Slightly.


Stellarvore vs. Abre Ojos:

The crushing doom of Stellarvore meets the transcendant synesthesia of Abre Ojos for a special set that will enlighten as much as it destroys. Guitar, Drums and Modular Drones will do battle to reach the outer limits and all before the sun goes down!