SonaNyl 20th Nov

SonaNyl is an event organised by the very cool ((27 Stone)) featuring:

  • The Veil (SYD)
  • Terminal Sound System
  • Stellarvore &
  • Abre Ojos (that’s me)

Date: Saturday Nov 20th
Start time: 8pm
Venue: The Bendigo Hotel 125 Johnson st Collingwood (Just down from the Tote)

(( 27 STONE )) presents:


“In London there is a man who screams when the church bells ring”

Featuring Dark Dub Rockers Terminal Sound System, Sydney’s Atmospheric Doom merchants The Veil, Improvised Psych Metal duo Stellarvore, and a special opening performance by Audio/Visual Drone merchant Abre Ojos, Sona-Nyl will be a night not be soon forgotten!
It’s all happening on Saturday November 20th at the Bendigo Hotel in Collingwood (just down from the tote) from 8pm. $10 presale or $12 on the door. Tickets available direct from the bands, 27 Stone or from Missing Link Records in Bourke st.
Every person who attends will be given the opportunity to download recordings of the nights’ sets for free as part of 27 STONE’s bootleg series, as well as $10 jugs of Carlton Draught before 10pm.
For more Information go to or email

I am pre-selling tickets here and for every ticket sold you also get a free Abre Ojos Sticker! The tickets will be posted out to you within 24hrs of purchase. One lucky ticket purchaser will also win the final Circadian Element T-shirt- so two reasons to buy besides just ensuring yr entry to an awesome gig. Use the button below to buy securely thru Paypal:

The Terminal Sound System is s.klein, half of cult doom-noise outfit HALO (Relapse Records), joined live by real human compatriots m.fogarty and g.haztigeorgiou, and a synced visualscape of reappropriated video.
Described by at least one inebriated listener as “Cinematic Doom”, the Terminal Sound System builds imaginary soundtracks out of crystalline eight-dimensional Meccano, layering doom riffs with malfunctioning breakbeats, apocalyptic postrock with sinister subbass worship and post-post Lynchian cocktail IDM.

The Veil:
The Veil are a Dark Atmospheric band currently based in Sydney. Founded in 2006 by Che deBoehmler, the band soon began demoing material and solidifying the lineup.
In early 2009 The Veil released the “Nightfall Watching” EP, displaying a broad mixture of influences and succesfully blending elements of Doom, Post-Punk/Early Goth, and touches of early 90s-esque Death/Black Metal. The Veil are currently in the final stages of recording their debut album.

STELLARVORE are an improvised, experimental, instrumental duo out of Melbourne consisting of D on Drums and C on Guitar/Bass and Synths.
Born as a side project of Blasting Death/Black outfit Severian, Stellarvore quickly took on a life of it’s own as the duo found themselves embracing the freedom a simpler formation brings. Mixing Doom, Black Metal, Shoegaze, Noise and Industrial STELLARVORE is an ever changing beast with eyes of fire and blood in its mouth.