Stutter at Horse Bazaar Wed 20 Oct

A last minute call to arms to play at the very fine local regular experimental music night Stutter at Horse Bazaar. Mr Pete “Occult Blood/Whitehorse” Hyde has scrambled a bunch of eclectic artists all with darkness in their heart. I’m very excited to face off with Siilt, who is S.Klein from such awesome acts as Terminal Sound System and Halo. This is going to be live modular dueling action to scorch your eyebrows off.

Here’s the juice:

Siilt is dry dusty voltage-controlled atmospheres direct from desert tombs vs the damp dark mausoleum drones of Abre Ojos- this is the two poles of Lovecraftian madness manifest through live modular synth improv

Siilt is s.klein, also of Terminal Sound System (Extreme Music, AU) and HALO (Relapse Records, USA) see , Abre Ojos can be found here:

ROBERT MAYSON / DRUM STOOL – For the 1st time in public Robert Mayson shall perform his bad-vibe, downer, drone epic ‘Drum Stool’. Harsh, screetching, metal-on-metal, negativity emitted by a spinning drum stool seat.

VOIDHANGER – Diskonsol8 atmospheres & blackened misanthropy lacerated in negativ essence. (

OCCULT BLOOD DJs – ill informed mood music from busted minds and bung ears.

20/10/2010 – 8PM – $10 or $5 concession.