As All Things Fall – New digital EP

all things fall_CD_cover_webAs All Things Fall is a brand new digital only EP made completely with a new studio set up of an Elektron Analog4 and a much reduced eurorack modular. Regular readers will know of my history with the eurorack modular and recently it has been something that was getting out of control- the rig was too big, too big to gig with, too big for the rapidly reducing space I have to work in. So I embarked on a massive selloff to reduce down to a 6ru suitcase and the amazing power of the new Elektron A4 which has the added bonus of being able to integrate with the modular via four control voltage outputs.

With a new setup comes a new sound, still drones but more aggressive, denser, noiser utilising more of the audio frequency spectrum. Head on over to the Bandcamp page for a full preview