Analogue Meditations AV track


As memory blurs and fades, fragments remain and are revealed as they swim to the surface.
A chance stumbling across a bunch of old DV tapes that had been recorded off the TV screen with a video camera in the late 90’s that had been put through a processing cycle of analogue TV > digital video camera > analogue TV > digital video camera at least 5 times, each time boosting the saturation and contrast on the TV to capture fragments of news reports, politicians shaking hands, empty advertising – re-composed, re-purposed into saturated clips reflected against each other. Fast forward a decade and half and these clips were re-imported and then loaded into Resolume and effected with a blur that reduced in reaction to the audio stream. Final video recorded live using Syphon Recorder.
Audio is a live studio recording from an Elektron Analog Four, 6RU eurorack and Tibetan meditation bowls.